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optomap retinal exam article

Ceres Eye Care is happy to announce the acquisition of a brand new Optomap device which enables our doctors to capture an ultra-wide field image of the retina (back of the eye). 

Our doctors recommend the optomap because it provides a comprehensive ultra-wide field that is not possible with traditional imaging methods. Additionally, the optomap provides a historical record of the retinal health, allowing us to track and monitor any changes in the retina, year after year. The light sensitive retinal tissue is susceptible to a variety of diseases and is essential to detect problems early on. With the optomap, our doctors can see blood vessels and they may also be able to detect other health issues based on what they see in the eye. 

More reasons that our doctors recommend the optomap 

  1.  Optomap provides a 200 degree or 80% view of the retina
  2. Optomap may allow you to skip dilation - in some cases, our doctors may recommend the optomap AND dilation to complete an evaluation of the retina. Remember, dilation is when your doctor instills eye drops that may sting and cause blurry vision at near and light sensitivity for up to 4-6 hours in order to evaluate the retina
  3. Optomap is a safe, painless and instant procedure 

The next time you are in our office, please ask us about the optomap, you will not be disappointed!

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